[Development] Shall we turn on /utf-8 compiler option when build qt for Windows?

Simon, Hausmann Simon.Hausmann at qt.io
Mon Jan 30 12:23:30 CET 2017

Making a warning go away for compilers that we know support utf-8 may not come at the price of your life :)

I for one am all in favor of requiring just the Qt source code (not talking about customer code) to be encoded in a 24 year

old standard and add all the necessary flags to the compilers to make them understand it instead of producing a warning.

We practically support three different front-ends: GCC, clang and MSVC. All three - MSVC with the help of an option - can

grok UTF-8. Let's use it at least inside Qt :)


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Am 30.01.2017 um 11:40 schrieb Giuseppe D'Angelo:
> Il 30/01/2017 11:35, Viktor Engelmann ha scritto:
>> As far as I can see, all our codes *are* UTF-8 encoded (a least they
>> should be, IMHO), so why would we sneak our UTF8 in behind it's back (in
>> 2017!) instead of just telling the compiler the encoding we are using?
> So *all* of our compilers happily support UTF-8 encoded sources?

I wouldn't bet my life on that (especially not for windows!)


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