[Development] syncqt.pl in C++

Adam Treat adam.treat at qt.io
Thu Mar 9 20:07:30 CET 2017

On 03/07/2017 03:54 PM, Thiago Macieira wrote:
> Same here, though I have also to concede that breaking the status quo (to
> quote Jake's tweet) is sometimes a good idea. Teambuilder -- to name another
> Trolltech project that had nothing to do with qt -- was a couple of orders of
> magnitude better than the tools that existed at the time (distcc). Icecream/
> icecc came about only because TB wasn't open source, but every now and then I
> miss TB2 features that icecc doesn't have. TB3 would have been even better.
> Maybe qbs will be another such leapfrog. I can't fault TQtC for trying.

Speaking of distributed compilers... if QBS had built-in 
icecream/TeamBuilder like functionality I would *love* this. It could 
even bundle the tarball itself since it has the complete recipe for all 
the tools necessary, the translation unit and everything in addition to 
create the object file.

That'd be one compelling feature for me.

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