[Development] QList

André Pönitz apoenitz at t-online.de
Sat Mar 18 20:16:15 CET 2017

On Sat, Mar 18, 2017 at 06:42:31PM +0100, Philippe wrote:
> André Pönitz <apoenitz at t-online.de> wrote:
> > Qt was prioritizing application developer convenience over raw performance,
> > making it easier for an application developers to create something working
> > in reasonable time. That included features like consistency in the API
> > and naming in general that made it possible to transfer knowledge of one
> > part of the API to another. This also included recommendations for "one
> > size fits all" usage patterns including default choices for containers.
> Why are you speaking "in the past"?...
> Is there a consensus that raw performance should now prime over developer
> convenience?

No. General consensus is still that performance improvements are good
to have as long as convenience is not affected.

But as there is no measure or even autotest for convenience, some people
sometimes overstep, i.e. break existing uses, either unintentionally, simply
because they are not aware of usage pattern, or even intentionally, because
they do no consider that use case important, or "convenient".

I am using past tense because the opinions on what "convenience" and
"consistency" means are more diverse nowadays.


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