[Development] RFC: Containers member functions for algorithm

Viktor Engelmann viktor.engelmann at qt.io
Thu Mar 23 12:04:08 CET 2017

I agree, but Marc actually just said that creator could suggest
functions with signature f(T) when one presses . after an object o of
type T. That's not the same as allowing the syntax o.f() to call f(o).

On 23.03.2017 11:51, Konrad Rosenbaum wrote:
> On Thursday, March 23, 2017 10:36:06 Marc Mutz wrote:
>> There're
>> proposals floating around for years to make o.f() fall back to f(o) for std
>> C++.
> Those are a lot more pain than you'd think! This construct already exists in 
> C# (static extension classes/methods) and it is causing major headaches there 
> - depending on your using statements (equiv. of #include) what looks like a 
> simple method call can mean totally different things or not work at all! A 
> change in a different section of the class that necessitates an additional 
> using directive may cause all kinds of mayhem. It is a nightmare if you have 
> to diagnose problems.
> In short: the recommendation in the C# world is: "do not use them unless you 
> absolutely positively have no other choice." We should take that as a warning.
> 	Konrad
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