[Development] DBus signals for (dlclose'd) style plugin causing crash during application exit?

René J. V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Tue May 2 09:48:15 CEST 2017

Thiago Macieira wrote:

At the very least there should be alternative binaries (QtCore? QtDBus?) 
available for download with the patch applied to which you can point people who 
report related issues, and the patch itself should be provided with the sources 
(in the tarball or clearly listed on the download page).

>> If you're so certain of the patches why haven't they still been
>> incorporated?! Seems there's an internal act that has to be gotten
>> together!
> Because they fail in the CI. There's a regression.

I'm aware of the direct reason. Apparently you're sure enough that the CI 
failure is without consequence to put the burden and responsibility of 
incorporating the patch on end-users. That's what I mean with getting an 
internal act together: what do you tell a commercial client who runs into this 
issue? That you're waiting for data from the wild to address a potential side-
effect of a fix that is clearly necessary? 

I'm sorry but I cannot find other words than "man up".
No one can reproduce the CI failure on a regular set-up? Fine, maybe the CI is 
flawed somewhere? Incorporate the patch with whatever workaround you can find for 
use on the CI (a configure flag to deactivate the patch, an extra runtime check 
that avoids the fatal operation even if the condition should never occur, 
anything that works).
If the regression is not a false alarm you'll end up getting a bug report with 
the missing information because everyone will be using the patch. You'll finally 
address a known bug with confirmed sightings in the wild, POSSIBLY introducing 
another bug which might never be triggered.

Not just the (un)happy few who are aware of a patch that you cannot even obtain 
easily. Digging up TWO codereviews and getting the patches in usable form is not 
what I have in mind with "easily", and after that you still need to build your 
own Qt copy.

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