[Development] Seeking advise using git and code review

Daniel Savi daniel.savi at gaess.ch
Wed Oct 4 08:55:15 CEST 2017

Hello everybody

I've just pushed my first commit to QtGui, trying to follow the 
contribution guidelines posted here 
http://wiki.qt.io/Qt_Contribution_Guidelines. Now I have some questions 
regarding the process. It seems that I have done it at least partly 
wrong ;-)

The codereview to my changes is as follows: 

After pushing my changes, the sanity bot found some typos in my commit 
message. Now, how would I proceed? Do I change the commit message? If 
so, how would I do that?

Another probably more serious problem: I've checked out the source for 
5.10 and created a branch "myfix5.10" and used "git checkout myfix5.10". 
Then I mad a diff to my locally changed files in another directory and 
patched the files from 5.10 in a temporary folder. After checking that 
the patched files looked how they should, I copied them back to the 
original folder. Then I did a "git commit -a". When checking the branch 
with "git branch", I found that I was on a detached head now. I couldn't 
go back to the branch, because git told me that I would lose my changes. 
So I pushed them anyway. Now, my submit type in Gerrit is "cherry pick". 
What should I have done, when encountering the detached head state? Is 
the "cherry pick" type a problem?

Third and last, I didn't know how to find reviewers so I picked some 
almost randomly from the git log and added the QtGui maintainer, too. 
Probably not such a good idea? How could I find reviewers for my changes 
to QTextDocumentWriter?

Sorry for the lengthy post.

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