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Out of curiosity, was this decision triggered by an incident, i.e., is there
any motiviation for this beyond being a nice thing to have?

On Tue, Oct 10, 2017 at 12:34:14PM +0000, Andy Nichols wrote:
> # Qt Project Code of Conduct (discussion)
> ## Goals
> We want to adopt a code of conduct for the Qt project to establish a formal line-in-the-sand about what is unacceptable behavior.  We want new members of the Qt community to feel comfortable and accepted, and we want to foster a healthy working environment for both current and new members.
> We would like to maintain a way that we can safely give constructive criticism, and give dissent to ideas we disagree with, without being disrespectful to our peers.  And when there are cases where someone steps outside of this, we would like a way to peacefully resolve the issue.
> ## Actions
> We will form a small committee to draft a proposal to become the Qt Project Code of Conduct.  We will start with the [Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct](https://www.contributor-covenant.org/version/1/4/code-of-conduct.html) as a starting point and adapt it to the needs of the Qt Project.  When a draft is complete, we will submit it to the Qt mailing list for review and approval.  If approved we will make it official and it will become the Qt Project Code of Conduct (making it a QUIP)
> As part of creating the Code of Conduct, we will also establish a small private mailing list for usage in resolving breaches of the code.  This would behave similarly to the Security mailing list.  This proposal will be part of the draft submitted to the Qt Project for approval.
> We also will take inspiration from our sister project KDE, who already has a Code of conduct.
> Overall: Be kind.  Be respectful.
> ## Code of Conduct drafting team
> The volunteers from the talk who will be responsible for drafting the initial proposal are:
> Tero Kojo (leading)
> Ulf Hermann
> Andy Nichols
> Samuel Gaist
> Robert Loehning
> Riitta-Leena Miettinen

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