[Development] Review for new widget module [your advices are needed]

Christian Gagneraud chgans at gmail.com
Mon Oct 16 08:11:42 CEST 2017

>From an end user point of view, i think it's a great idea but I think it
conflicts with Qml.
At work we have our own set of highly customised widgets, for embedded
devices, it simply works, no need (yet) for Qml.

I would be interested to see your work and give my opinion if it can help.

Full disclosure: I've never been a reviewer, but went through the process
as a contributor a couple of times (qt or not).
Don't expect a +1 from me as I'm not a Qt Project member.

Thiago sent a link recently to a blog post regarding code review process.
Step 1 is all about the idea itself.


Answering from my phone, please excuse my brievity.

On 16/10/2017 6:53 pm, "iman ahmadvand" <iman72411 at gmail.com> wrote:

No one interested ?

On Sat, Oct 14, 2017 at 11:03 AM, iman ahmadvand <iman72411 at gmail.com>

> Hi everyone.
> Before I send some code base on codereview and decide whether my
> implementation meets the requirements,  I  just want to know your thoughts
> about design decision for the new module I’m trying to add to Qt Play
> ground.
> So as you probably guessed my plan is to developing a new widget module
> (which I’m going to name it MaterialWidgets) for Qt, a modern collection of
> widgets that should have the same look and feel on all platforms. All the
> GUI parameters and styles are taken from material style guide line(
> https://material.io/guidelines). You can think of MaterialWidgets as the
> MaterialStyle in QML design but in pure C++.
> Here is a few things to clarify:
> 1.Why someone need to use material styled widgets in Qt?
> There are a bunch of app out there that need this to be available on
> widgets so they can easily take the benefit of newly added widget set.
> 2.Why a new widget set? why just no to use already built-in styles?
> Material widgets are going to be a special set of controls which has
> animations by default, and GUI parameters are differs from built-in
> QtWidgets. for an example material style has a component called
> ContinuousSlider which has two sub component Thumb and Track and two state
> On(value == 0) and Off(value != 0) and a color palette for each state, so
> doing this with styles can't be done unless we change the enumerators and
> maybe more!
> 3.Are every thing from scratch ?
> No. not at all.
> I just make some changes in inherited classes from built-in QtWidgets
> (basics AND abstracts), so the logics behind those widgets should be the
> same.
> A note for animation implementation  in MaterialWidgets:
> A class called Animation is responsible for animating those widgets, the
> simple idea behind that is to have a target object (which mostly is a
> widget) associated with animation objet and after every refresh in
> animation (updateCurrentValue) we should make an update of type
> StyleAnimationUpdate in target widget so it makes the code base more
> cleaner.
> Here you can see just a review version of module (just ContinuousSlider is
> included): ​
>  qtmaterialwidgets.zip
> <https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxRSkzkLrTjVeS1xd0VRMHJQS0k/view?usp=drive_web>
> I'm ready to hear your advices and thoughts.
> Regards
> Iman.

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