[Development] Code of Conduct (was: Speeding up the review process)

Viktor Engelmann viktor.engelmann at qt.io
Mon Oct 16 08:55:43 CEST 2017

oops - what I wanted to say about code of conduct: this is precisely why
I opposed a code of conduct in the QtCS discussion. A code of conduct
would pretty much lead to a situation where it doesn't matter if a
message is understood correctly - the one who wrote it is to blame by

Some people will misuse such a "My response is always right" free-pass
to silence every topic they don't like and (in the long run) that would
lead to a situation where you will respond to mails/bugreports/... only
with AutoText.

On 16.10.2017 08:34, Viktor Engelmann wrote:
> On 13.10.2017 15:33, Christian Kandeler wrote:
>>> Sure - but let's think about this in a different context: imagine
>>> someone applies at your company. You invite them to a job interview and
>>> have one of your engineers do a technical interview with them.
>>> Do you afterwards go to the applicant and ask them if they thought your
>>> engineer was competent and fire your engineer if the applicant says "no"?
>> This is an incredibly arrogant stance to take. No contributor is above others because of their employer.
> I said nothing that could reasonably be interpreted this way.
> And I will not respond to personal insults.


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