[Development] How to run QtBase autotests on a remote machine?

Maurice Kalinowski Maurice.Kalinowski at qt.io
Thu Apr 12 08:06:16 CEST 2018

>  >> Currently I build the tests and then scp individual tst_foo binaries  >> to the
> host and run them manually. In order to fix the initial porting  >> problems that
> will show up in most tests this is fine.
>  >
>  > Some tests shall need more than the binary; e.g. data files to act on.
[Kalinowski Maurice] 
Check for testdata or builtin_testdata, I do not recall the precise name right now.

Basically you can specify whether you want the data to be copied or use qrc to integrate it to the app. The test system then automatically extracts it on the target hardware during execution and uses it.

>  >
> When it comes to CI, tests don't seem to be run on Android and iOS targets.
> There are two cross-compilation targets (Linux arm64 and armv7) that are
> tested, but those are under QEMU emulation, not on real hardware.
[Kalinowski Maurice] 

Oliver is currently working on getting UWP into it, it shares a lot of concepts with other remote targets. So when we started on it there were a couple of infrastructural things to clarify (like builtin_testdata from above).
>From what I know the other platforms might come at a later point, but should be easier to do, as the technical building blocks are available.


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