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            I am sorry if the tone of my email sounds rude. I have no say as to what an organisation chooses to do. I have not listed anything to show that I am the best candidate they could have chosen. I know there are much better candidates out there. My main focus for the email was the way the project was selected - a coin flip. I think there should have been a better way to select / reject a project and that the project proposal should've been taken into account as well.As said earlier, I'm sorry to sound rude and I have no intention to hurt anyone. This was my last year of GSoC, hence the added frustration. But I'd like to congratulate the selected students and hope they have an amazing time working on Qt with GSoC.Best,Nafees.---- On Fri, 20 Apr 2018 04:15:26 -0400  Albert Astals Cid<albert.astals.cid at kdab.com> wrote ----El divendres, 20 d’abril de 2018, a les 5:29:21 CEST, Mohammed Nafees va escriure:> Hello,> > > > I am Mohammed Nafees, a 2nd year CS student at the University of Waterloo> and I had applied to GSoC 2018 for The Qt Project to work on porting Qt to> IncludeOS. Earlier today I was notified that my project has not been> selected by the mentors as one of the projects for GSoC 2018. I  was> notified that there were 2 slots given and one was selected for Qt Creator> related project and the other was selected for Qt, in general. My project> was for Qt and the selection process between me and another project was a> coin flip. I find this criterion of selection absolutely ridiculous, I'm> sorry.> > > > First of all, organisations can ask Google to increase their number of> slots. There was especially a date set just for that in the timeline.> Secondly, I was the one to notify on the IRC channel that the Ideas URL for> the organisation in GSoC's website was wrong. I helped change it to the> actual one. I am a Qt veteran and have been using it for the past 5+ years.> I am a former Google Code-in champion and a GSoC 2017 alumnus. I have the> right to be disappointed because I was the one overjoyed about seeing The> Qt Project in this year's GSoC.> > > > I am highly disappointed by how you have rejected my project based on a coin> flip. I was looking forward to work for my favorite toolkit so much so that> I did not apply to any other organisation.I understand you are disappointed, but you should understand this email reflects poorly on you and if i was involved in the GSOC organization it would make you lose points for next year.How do you know the organization didn't ask for an increase of slots and Google simply refused?Then you list all your "merits" as a way of saying "no way the other person was as good as me", that's a severe lack of self awareness, we all think we're good at something, yet for the most part, the world is full of people that are better than us at that very same thing.As said i understand frustation when you're not selected, but this is not the email you should have written. The email you should have written is something along the lines of "how can improve for next year so my proposal is stronger and then not a coin flip is needed?".Cheers,  AlbertP.S: I'm not involved in GSOC for Qt.> > > > Nafees._______________________________________________Development mailing listDevelopment at qt-project.orghttp://lists.qt-project.org/mailman/listinfo/development


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