[Development] Which gerrit branch for minor bug fix?

Paul Colby qt at colby.id.au
Fri Apr 27 10:52:34 CEST 2018


I want submit a very small bug fix to the QtXmlPatterns module.  I think I
have git and Gerrit all setup, but just wanted to confirm a two things.

The bug to be fixed has been present, untouched since at least Qt 4.6.
Looking at the QUIP5 guidelines, I'd say its classified as "Bugs: Other"
(ie, not a regression, or crash), which suggests the Gerrit ref should be
"Stable".  So then, should I be doing:

git push gerrit HEAD:refs/for/5.10

Also, is it considered helpful / good practice to create a bugreport in
JIRA to associate with the push, or that considered unecessary noise?

Thanks! :)

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