[Development] Deprecation of Qt Quick Controls 1

Frederik Gladhorn Frederik.Gladhorn at qt.io
Wed Feb 7 13:48:21 CET 2018

Hi all,

It should come as no big surprise that we are not working much on Qt Quick Controls 1.
After some discussions inside The Qt Company, we concluded that it would make sense to clarify the situation.
We see the value Controls 1 provides - more platform native styling - but it comes at a high price.

Performance is very problematic with the module and we now offer more modern styles in Controls 2.
In addition customizing the styles in Controls 2 is possible in different ways. There is the image based style that is especially accessible to graphical designers. There is the general styling that has become really cheap now (thanks to the deferred execution patches), so replacing parts of the ready-made controls does come at no cost. Finally writing a completely custom style is entirely possible, using the logic of Controls 2 as building blocks. In fact I see Controls 2 as being part of Qt Quick, the part that has been missing for a long time and that completes the story to make developing applications with Qt Quick easy. With the recent updates to the Qt Quick Designer in Qt Creator and additions to make Controls 2 more desktop friendly for modern applications, I'd recommend everyone to move over.

Next to that we have picked up Qt Widgets lately again and fixes are making their way into the module. For applications that need to look and behave like traditional desktop applications, this is an alternative.

As you can see, the effort is currently split and we'd like to reduce the attention to the two big areas - Widgets and Quick with Controls 2. This means we will spend even less time on Controls 1, where we'll only fix critical issues in the future.

As always, feedback welcome :)


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