[Development] Qt branches & proposal how to continue with those

Thiago Macieira thiago.macieira at intel.com
Thu Feb 8 08:35:46 CET 2018

On Wednesday, 7 February 2018 19:32:25 PST Kevin Kofler wrote:
> We are now in early February. By your schedule, 5.11 will be out on the last
> day of May. That's a whopping 4 months without a Qt release from the
> current (non-LTS) branch! In that time, at least 2 batches of Chromium
> security updates will happen. And that does not even account for the
> inevitable slips that consistently happen.

I want to point out that we appeared to have fixed our release problems. The 
last time we had released a .2, aside from the LTS 5.6.2, was 5.4.2.

But we HAD fixed the problem. 5.9.2 was released before 5.10.0. In fact, even 
5.9.3 was released before 5.10.0. This means we managed TWO releases between 
5.9.1 and 5.10.0. Taking this to the case now, it would allow us to release 
5.9.5 and 5.10.2 before 5.11.0 if we wanted to.

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