[Development] CI going down for update

Tony Sarajärvi tony.sarajarvi at qt.io
Mon Feb 19 09:12:40 CET 2018


Let me recap what we did last weekend.

  *   The Coin storage now has more storage space available. This should mean less rebooting the system for cleanup.
  *   We also noticed a VMware teak that increases the I/O from the storage. This could potentially make Coin more stable as the bandwidth doesn’t run out.
  *   We now have LVM installed, so further expansion of the storage is easier now.

Because we installed LVM, we had to redo the partitions. This required us to move data about a lot. We could have just deleted the logs and artifacts and let Coin rebuild them (we would have gotten the system up already on Friday evening), but by copying over all the data from a backup we enabled Coin to resume like nothing had happened (didn’t need to rebuild all the existing artifacts). It also enabled all the current logs to be visible for our company internal users that read the data straight from Coin instead of testresults.qt.io where they are published. With all the flaky autotests we had, we might have ended up trying to recover from lost artifacts until Saturday morning anyway. So the delay wasn’t bad if we think about it that way 😊

On an unrelated note. We’ve reverted some of the build hosts to Ubuntu 16.04 as the underlying platform. It looks like it’s just as stable if not more stable than the 17.xx ones. At least as of yet, not a single one has crashed! If this continues, this is _very_ good news for the CI. It will knock down a very annoying problem where the hosts that’s running all the virtual machines kept crashing and failing all the builds. Let’s hope this trend continues.

Happy building!

From: Simon Hausmann
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To: Tony Sarajärvi <tony.sarajarvi at qt.io>; development at qt-project.org
Subject: Re: CI going down for update

Thanks for the update! Good luck and thanks for working on this :)


From: Tony Sarajärvi
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Subject: RE: CI going down for update


We have to do things the hard way, meaning copying over a lot of stuff instead of just converting stuff. No unexpected things have poped up during the hard way however, but the copy phase takes a lot of time. ETA (or nothing really arrives now… so EToC): in a few hours.


From: Tony Sarajärvi
Sent: perjantai 16. helmikuuta 2018 9.20
To: 'development at qt-project.org' <development at qt-project.org<mailto:development at qt-project.org>>
Subject: CI going down for update


We’ll take the CI down for update for a short while. The web page won’t work at all during that time, since we’ll close the whole server.

Thanks for your patience.

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