[Development] My understanding on a GoSC project

Yuchen Wang wyc8094 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 21 05:16:22 CET 2018

Dear all:

	My name is Yuchen Wong, a student from China. I have 3-year experience in c++ programming and quite interested in the Valhalla Offline routing plugin.

	In my opinion, it is a wrapper of Valhalla. In the guideline from qt, a GeoService plugin should implement at least one ManagerEngine class. Thus I think we can divide this project into following steps:

- Investigating Valhalla’s document and divide its function.
- Match Valhalla’s function with the functions we want to implement.
- Code following what we have got.
- Documentation

	It is the last year of my undergraduate. I wanna have fun with this project during my last summer vacation. 3 months is quite OK for me i believe.

Yuchen Wong

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