[Development] Prebuilt 32-bit versjon for MSVC 2017

Markus Maier markus.maier.sw at gmail.com
Fri Feb 23 16:03:26 CET 2018


just to add my opinion as a current user of the MSVC 2015 32 bit binaries.

When selecting an MSVC version to use with Qt, one should keep in mind that
Microsoft tends to change things in the compilers even in minor releases. I
had quite some issues with one of the updates of MSVC2013 which broke
things in my code together with a prebuilt version of Qt. Something similar
might happen again when Microsoft fixes the bug mentioned by Thiago.

That's why I decided for my projects to always stick with the MSVC version
before the current version, where updates are not likely to break something
in builds anymore. I believe the same reasons should also apply for
choosing a MSVC version for prebuilt 32 bit binaries.

Another point might be: whoever uses prebuilt 32 bit binaries now and wants
to switch to a static build of Qt would currently be forced to downgrade
the compiler because MSVC 2017 as of now doesn't support static builds of
Qt (QTBUG-59721).

Best regards
Markus Maier
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