[Development] Fwd: qrandom.cpp build problem: please advise

Edward Welbourne edward.welbourne at qt.io
Tue Feb 27 10:11:36 CET 2018

Alexei Fedotov (27 February 2018 09:45)
> ./configure sets getentropy in qtbase/src/corelib/qtcore-config_p.h to 1,

So the config.tests/unix/getentropy/ test passed.

> but I have no sys/random.h

which that test neglects to #include, so this lack doesn't keep it from failing.
See if
helps.  (It's not ideal; it should make the test fail for you, though,
so you'll have the feature turned off, despite being available, so
you won't hit your compilation problem.)

> Maybe getentropy comes from a modern compiler, not from system headers

Apparently it comes from <unistd.h> - at least, that's
what the test seems to expect and its man-page claims.

The author of this code may suggest some better solution, once
his USAish time-zone reaches its daytime,


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