[Development] 32bit linux build of qt5.10.0 w/ webengine

Lars Knoll lars.knoll at qt.io
Mon Jan 8 09:21:00 CET 2018

>> For me, it's quite simple:
>> No (opensource/commercial) Qt CI = No (opensource/commercial) Qt
>> binaries = No (opensource/commercial) support.
> No CI, see above.
> No binaries, build from sources.
> No support, sorry, I can't comment.

Just a quick comment from TQtC’s perspective on this: We do commercially support more platforms than we create binaries for. Linux/32bit is certainly one of those. 

But as Thiago pointed out, those platforms are not always tested quite as well (unfortunately we can’t possibly test all combinations of OS/CPU architecture/distribution in our CI). 


>> If you don't build and test on a regular basis, it can break at any
>> moment without anyone noticing (and it did happened at least once)
> You're right, but given all the other permutations, we're very likely covered 
> at a good 99% certainty.
>> PS: In case you think I'm ranting for free here, i would like to say
>> (again) that I think Qt is a great piece of (opensource/commercial)
>> SW, and big thumb up to anyone behind this, The Qt Project, The Qt
>> Company, Intel, ICS, KDAB, KDE, ... and everyone else, individual or
>> corporate.
> We're having a constructive conversation, don't worry.
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