[Development] Qt branches & proposal how to continue with those

Lars Knoll lars.knoll at qt.io
Mon Jan 29 10:26:32 CET 2018

> On 29 Jan 2018, at 10:00, Uwe Rathmann <Uwe.Rathmann at tigertal.de> wrote:
> On Mon, 29 Jan 2018 06:59:06 +0000, Jani Heikkinen wrote:
>> - '5.6' will move in 'very strict' mode - '5.9' will move in 'strict'
>> mode.
> This type of discussion has to be lead, before making a LTS promise !

Of course. We had that discussion, see QUIP 5. 

According to what's defined there, 5.6 should move into 'very strict' mode for the third year, so that is pretty much from now onwards.
5.9 should move into strict mode with cherry-picking, also in line with QUIP 5.

So I agree with these two changes, they are IMO fully in line with what we have said and promised.

I think this only leaves a question around the proposal for 5.10. We've usually left that branch open until the next minor release is out.


> Trying to change this later - without having any argument beside, that 
> maintaining stable branches is cumbersome - makes your LTS promises 
> nothing but unreliable.
> But IMHO you are also asking the wrong audience. Qt development is the 
> right group, when discussing if a release should be a LTS one. But if you 
> want to change the cycle of an existing LTS version you should ask those 
> to whom you made the promise: the users.
> Speaking for myself: I'm only interested in LTS versions and I could 
> easily live without releases that never go beyond 5.x.1 ( like f.e 5.10 ).
> Uwe
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