[Development] Qt Linguist should tell how many strings are in a file

Jason H jhihn at gmx.com
Tue Jul 17 22:49:49 CEST 2018

QtLinguist is horrible. It works, but it certainly does not support a modern workflow. Having maintained an app in 14+ languages, it doesn't do anything I actually need it to do. I'd like to have a website (contract translators don't want to install apps) that shows only those phrases needing translation, by the language enabled for that translator.  It was unclear what the work to be done by each translator was when using QtLinguist and multiple translators. Because software evolves while translations are being done, you have many in-flight versions needing reconciliation before release.  I ended up writing many scripts to do the diffs to create the final file. It shouldn't be that hard. There's also no audit information in the TS file. It also doesn't help that the .ts XML format itself is a little flawed.

The closest I got was using some web service that we were able to export from (https://lokalise.co/ ?). Also having a built-in google translate button would be very helpful for the provisional translations. 

Let me tell you about the time we translated (in a medical treatment app no less) the word "exit" to "door to the morgue" in Chinese.  

In the end it works, but this could be made a lot better. 

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> Den 17-07-2018 kl. 18:08 skrev Robert Löhning:
> > Am 09.07.2018 um 16:21 schrieb scootergrisen:
> >> I would like it if Qt Linguist would tell how many strings are in the 
> >> file.
> >> Menu View>Statistics only shows words and characters.
> > 
> > Doesn't it show this in its lower right corner?
> It seems so.
> Have never noticed it.
> Would be good to include in the statistics.
> Virtaal (other program) have a properties that shows how many 
> words/strings are translated/untranslated/fuzzy and procentages.
> I think that is nice so know so i have an idea how much work is left.
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