[Development] Proposing David Faure as maintainer of Qt Models

Alex Blasche alexander.blasche at qt.io
Wed May 2 08:34:20 CEST 2018

It was pointed out to me that this vote has come due. The usual response is to update Jira components and the maintainer wiki. Neither of these have a category for this. What is the conclusion here? Do we need a new entry in the wiki and Jira? If so what would be the name for it.


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Sérgio Martins wrote:

> Hi,
> Although the wiki says Qt Models don't have a maintainer I'd say David
> Faure has been an unofficial maintainer.
> David is one of the top contributors to model related code and is
> someone you'll always want to add as reviewer.
> He's well known in the community and already maintains QtXmlPatterns, Qt
> mimetypes and Qt3Support.
> Disclaimer: David works with me at KDAB.
> (And if you're wondering if KDAB has any plans for this module, the
> answer is no. In fact I hope it remains low change volume).
> Finally, a big thanks to the previous maintainer, Stephen Kelly, who did
> a great job, both on Qt and KDE models!

+1 for David from me too!



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