[Development] Recent QUIP activity

Edward Welbourne edward.welbourne at qt.io
Tue May 8 18:21:15 CEST 2018

Hi all,

As ever, you can see current QUIP-related reviews at
and find the (just now updated) current state of all QUIPs (with most of
those changes) at:

Most recently active first:
* QUIP 11: Jani has begun describing the release process
* QUIP 10: I'm describing the API reviews before releases
* QUIP 1 & template: Adding a template and refining Status
* QUIP 99: Frederik is driving a discussion of QML versioning
* QUIP 9: Ville is Evolving QList
* QUIP 8: High-DPI Support

The last two haven't had much activity lately.
The QML versioning needs some creative ideas.

QUIP 1: in the course of review of a template I added to make it easier
to prepare QUIP-10, Ossi objected that the list of Status values
(defined by QUIP-1) had more entries than we need.  After some
discussion, we've decided to prune the QUIP lifecycle, at least until
someone can give us a good reason to make it more complicated again.  So
I'm modifying QUIP-1 to only have three status values: Active,
Superseded and Withdrawn.  See discussion on the review for how we got

QUIP 10: I mentioned this in March.  We have to decide who has the
ultimate authority: naively, that would be each module's maintainer; but
not every module has one and some modules have several.  I've supposed,
in reviews to date, that whoever gives the final +2 believes they have
suitable authority, if only by virtue of the +1s they can see already.

Who do folk think should have the final say on an API review ?

QUIP 11: This is a new QUIP, please pay it a visit: Jani is describing
our release process.  If you think it can be improved, this is the place
for suggestions.  We might settle on honestly describing our existing
process in the QUIP itself, but suggestions made here may help us to
improve it in future.  Here's the new review:
* https://codereview.qt-project.org/228450

Please take a look at these QUIP changes and help us to give a better
account of how we aim to do what we do,


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