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> Here is what I replied to the mail (when sent to me only):
> Hi,
> This is absolutely true and we are well aware of this.
> We had a bit similar issue earlier when we ramped down engin.io backend: https://blog.qt.io/blog/2016/01/26/notification-for-all-qt-cloud-services-users/
> We try to avoid such things as much as possible, but sometimes we have to stop developing some item. Even when there are still users who depend upon it.
> We also try to make it as smooth as we can – for example by keeping the deprecated feature usable for quite long time to allow enough time for transition.
> Yours,
> Tuukka
It seems to differ quite a bit in scale. That blog post has 7 comments. Compare it to nearly 150 on "Deprecation of Qbs" in 3 days and countless emails here on the mailing list. I seem to wonder if the whole issue could be avoided if it was approached a bit more diplomatically from the Qt Company's side. After all there is a point of you advertising the Qbs as the future before. The Qt Project has large community and maybe if you tried to hand it over to someone else in it things would not accrue nearly as much controversy. For example publically looking for a new maintainer with the goal to have it purely community driven in a year (and announce it as such). Rather than dropping the bomb-like title such as "Deprecation of Qbs".
It is a differnet situation to deprecating of an old technology (like Qt Quick Controls 1), isn't it? You are not doing it with Qbs on technical grounds but rather on business grounds so giving it the same treatment is just wrong in my opinion. Since your plan is to invest in it for a year anyway it would be better to spend that time (and money) on actively working to hand it over to someone. There have been people (and companies) in this very mailing list (and Qbs one) that said they would take it over. Announcing it to the world and waiting for the community to magically appear and contribute did not work during Qbs' life under the Qt Company (although after you invested in the docs its usage started to spike this year) so please do not make the same mistake again and give it a chance for real this time by _actively_ trying to hand it to someone else.

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