[Development] HDR Support in Qt and Angle

Oliver Wolff Oliver.Wolff at qt.io
Mon Nov 26 08:02:11 CET 2018

On 23/11/2018 21:30, Boudewijn Rempt wrote:
> On vrijdag 23 november 2018 13:26:23 CET Oliver Wolff wrote:
>> I am not aware of anyone having any plans about that. How hard it is to get
>> things upstreamed into Qt depends on the general approach. If you want to
>> upstream your changes to Angle and use an updated version in Qt it might
>> take a (long) while. The last Angle update we did was not to anything near
>> current HEAD as Angle drops compilers a lot earlier than Qt and we had to
>> find a version that still supported Qt's minimum (MSVC 2015 and mingw 7.3 I
>> think). They are moving much faster than Qt. As soon as we drop MSVC2015 we
>> might be able to update to a newer Sha of Angle, but by then Angle might
>> have risen their requirements as well.
>> Another approach would be having the Angle patches inside Qt but I image
>> that having HDR support might be a bigger undertaking and thus this might
>> not be a feasible solution.
> Right now, we're actually patching the angle that comes with Qt, though the
> patches should apply just fine to a more recent version of Angle.

Then getting it into Qt should not be too big of an issue as long as it 
compiles on every compiler we support and we can find someone who can 
test the implementation. I can check the code itself, but won't be able 
to give it a test run because I lack a "proper" device.

> We've also managed to make not just the demo applet work, but Krita itself,
> which means that the whole stack of angle, opengl, qt-opengl and everything
> appears to be sane(-ish) :-)

Sounds great :)

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