[Development] HDR Support in Qt and Angle

Boudewijn Rempt boud at valdyas.org
Fri Nov 23 21:30:26 CET 2018

On vrijdag 23 november 2018 13:26:23 CET Oliver Wolff wrote:
> I am not aware of anyone having any plans about that. How hard it is to get
> things upstreamed into Qt depends on the general approach. If you want to
> upstream your changes to Angle and use an updated version in Qt it might
> take a (long) while. The last Angle update we did was not to anything near
> current HEAD as Angle drops compilers a lot earlier than Qt and we had to
> find a version that still supported Qt's minimum (MSVC 2015 and mingw 7.3 I
> think). They are moving much faster than Qt. As soon as we drop MSVC2015 we
> might be able to update to a newer Sha of Angle, but by then Angle might
> have risen their requirements as well.
> Another approach would be having the Angle patches inside Qt but I image
> that having HDR support might be a bigger undertaking and thus this might
> not be a feasible solution.

Right now, we're actually patching the angle that comes with Qt, though the 
patches should apply just fine to a more recent version of Angle.

We've also managed to make not just the demo applet work, but Krita itself, 
which means that the whole stack of angle, opengl, qt-opengl and everything 
appears to be sane(-ish) :-)

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