[Development] A deployment tool for Linux

Konstantin Tokarev annulen at yandex.ru
Wed Apr 10 21:55:00 CEST 2019

10.04.2019, 22:43, "Richard Weickelt" <richard at weickelt.de>:
> Nothing stops me from publishing a self-containing .deb, .rpm, .whatever on
> my website. If there was a one stop shop tool that produces a collection
> like this with very little effort: https://speedcrunch.org/download.html I
> would be sold. Maybe even in combination with setting up my own package
> repos. But with very little manpower that can be cumbersome.

Note that you need to actually test these packages, otherwise they may be
broken because of dependencies. While RPM has a way to provide meaningful
cross-distibution packages, .deb is inherently tied to particular version of
Debian or Ubuntu.

In practise you won't provide (and surely won't check) .whatever, so these people
will need to unpack .deb or .rpm as archives to proceed

Also, installing packages in "native" format usually requires root privileges, while
QtIFW or AppImage don't. You also can't have a portable application running from
flash drive with native packages.

>>>  Collecting "resources that the application uses (like [...]
>>>  graphics, [...]" *and dependencies* would be a (important)
>>>  step, but not all that it takes.
>>  By this logic windeployqt should produce .msi packages
> Wouldn't be the worst feature though, would it. That doesn't make Andre's
> comment less valid.

You may need to do custom steps on artifacts produced by windeployqt before
packing them, so it's better to have separate tools for "bundling" and creation
of actual packages.

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