[Development] Qt wrapper for UPC UA Server stack (open62541)

Maurice Kalinowski Maurice.Kalinowski at qt.io
Thu Apr 11 08:57:52 CEST 2019

Hey Juan,

That certainly looks interesting. Are you aware of the Qt OpcUA module?

Right now it focusses on the client side, but long term servers might become more important for us. Especially the gateway scenario of converting classic and proprietrary protocols to Opc/UA seems a regular use-case.

Anyways, the benefit of merging the efforts would be that a lot of classes can be shared among client and server and hence lead to easier dev experience.


P.S.: I only had a quick glance at the code, Frank, Jannis and Rainer might have some more time to look into it.

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Hi guys,

This is pretty much WIP, but I would like some thoughts or even contributions.


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