[Development] Technical vision for Qt for Python

Jason H jhihn at gmx.com
Mon Aug 19 15:52:14 CEST 2019

I tried PySide 2, and was extremely disappointed that not all the classes are supported. What's worse it PyQt supports the classes that are not supported. Having that kind of errata is devastating to the confidence in a project. Qt6/PySide6 must have parity from day 1.

Next, the biggest flaw is lack of Python 3 native event loop integration. A lot of people have codebases Python 3 event loops now, PySide should be seamless from day 1.

I also have to point out that there was a statement made by Lars to make QML [more] strongly typed. I had expected that from the beginning, that Python would be the scripting language of QML, not Javascript[0], just for this reason. Instead, V4 was developed... I would probably execute Qt6 QML as Python code, not Javascript. I've repeatedly called for QML to be a web framework, and I've routinely had that idea shot down. So why involve a web language at all[1][2]? Coincidentally, you will also get that AI stuff Lars also talked about, for free (on the Python side anyway)

Jupiter concerns me. I'm wondering how well we can get Qt to integrate with Jupiter notebooks? Can we get interactive Qt in the notebook? (WASM?)

Finally, I've used PyQt off and on since Qt 3.3 days. I really like Python as a language to use Qt in a rapid prototype development way, but the limitations stated above prevent it from being my default environment.

0. C++ devs went with loosely-typed Javascript? Really shocked me. 
1. Since Qt lagged many years in getting an ECMA Script 7 implementation, chasing this evolving standard might not be the best. 
2. Why maintain V4?

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