[Development] Dropping MinGW support in Qt 6 (Was: HEADS-UP: QStringLiteral)

Kai Pastor, DG0YT dg0yt at darc.de
Wed Aug 21 22:43:32 CEST 2019

Am 21.08.19 um 21:36 schrieb Kyle Edwards:
> On Wed, 2019-08-21 at 21:22 +0200, Elvis Stansvik wrote:
>> Why not just ship those DLLs? I wouldn't call that "verboten"
>> (forbidden), just a bit more to do for deployment.
> It's not "verboten", but it's also not as straightforward as
> redistributing free software like MinGW.
> FromĀ https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/visualstudio/productinfo/2015-red
> istribution-vsĀ :
> "If you have a validly licensed copy of such software, you may copy and
> distribute with your program the unmodified form of the files listed
> below, subject to the License Terms for the software."
> This sounds to me like you have to download a copy of Visual Studio
> before redistributing the DLLs, and agree to all of the licensing
> terms. (I highly doubt that this would/could actually be enforced in
> any meaningful way, but for people who are picky about open source vs
> proprietary licenses, this is still another unwanted hoop to jump
> through.)

Is it possible to distribute a GPL-3 licensed application this way? 
After all, these DLLs are neither system libraries nor are they are 
offered under compatible terms.

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