[Development] Qt infra "weekly" report

Tony Sarajärvi tony.sarajarvi at qt.io
Mon Feb 11 08:46:41 CET 2019


State of the CI

  *   Hardware and host wise all seem pretty ok. We had our first host crash in a month sadly. Reported it to Canonical just in case: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1814628
  *   Running network test servers as containers seem to cause such problems that our agent on the VM gets restarted and our state machine doesn't currently like that. We have a fix to handle these situations, but it requires us to recreate our tier1 images with a new bootstrap agent.
  *   Coin on the other hand seems to be suffering from random archive creation problems and what not. Sadly these affect the throughput of the system quite heavily currently.

Firewall changes

  *   The changes are almost all done. The next changes that will cause a small maintenance break in the CI will be on week 11. And those changes will be the last ones, and we can then remove the old firewall from the rack. The changes on that week will cause the external IP address of testresults.qt.io to change. Domain name remains the same though.

Changes to Coin servers

  *   Coin is currently running on a dedicated hardware using internal SSDs. We now have the capacity to change that so that we use Compellent hard drives. With this move we can start cloning the Coin VM and play around with multiple instances of it if necessary. This is something we will do in the near future, but we haven't decided a specific date for the big move yet.

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