[Development] Assistant WebKit/WebEngine support

Tor Arne Vestbø Tor.arne.Vestbo at qt.io
Mon Jun 24 14:54:35 CEST 2019

> On 24 Jun 2019, at 14:43, Simon Hausmann <Simon.Hausmann at qt.io> wrote:
> I have two more numbers to add: Compressed (7z) the download size would 
> be around ~44 MB. I measured on Windows with a Qt Creator built with 
> WebEngine support and surfed a little through the docs. The memory 
> consumption of the web engine process weighed in between 14-20 MB of RAM.
> So it looks like this AFAICS:
>     * We would be adding 145 MB of additional disk usage
>     * We would add ~44 MB to the download size of Qt Creator
>     * We would eat ~14-20 MB of additional RAM (not quite fair though, 
> as we'd have to subtract the QTextDocument memory usage for a diff).
> I don't quite share the opinion that these are "beastly" numbers for 
> desktop machines running C++ development environments. I think that they 
> are worth it. In exchange we can show external content like cppreference 
> or cmake docs without having to worry about their rendering, we can get 
> rid of our separate style sheets and workarounds and we can render the 
> Qt documentation the same way as on the website. We can eliminate an 
> entire class of problems, and we can still prevent such content from 
> accessing remote websites.
> We've had this situation for a long time now and I think that we should 
> finally move forward and give our users better quality at the expense of 
> their disk space, memory consumption and download size.

I fully agree with this. Thanks for the numbers Simon!

Tor Arne 

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