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Palaraja, Kavindra KPalaraja at luxoft.com
Tue Jun 25 16:30:52 CEST 2019

No, parity isn't Google's search box. There's already a search feature in Creator.

No, not "The Qt Company is hiring" either.

The idea is to have parity in the sense of 1:1 appearance of how the documentation looks like.

Here's a ticket that hasn't gone very far:


Can we keep the personal attacks out of this and perhaps stick to the issue? I'm definitely not lying. I don't see any tables being rendered the way tables should be rendered in HTML. Unless I'm losing my eyesight?

You could check: https://doc.qt.io/QtApplicationManager/manifest.html none of that alternating row color or design shows up. As a Technical Writer, I expect the output to look like that. So why doesn't it? I'm not attached to WebEngine, I just want to get the expected output.


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    Il 25/06/19 14:28, Palaraja, Kavindra ha scritto:
    > Hi Kirill,
    > I can’t speak for the size of WebEngine or the complexity of this
    > solution, but I can speak for the look & feel of the documentation.
    > The current situation with Qt Creator’s documentation is not about how
    > wonderful the content would look like. It’s about the basics of what
    > developers expect to get when they look at the documentation. It’s to
    > match what we have on https://doc.qt.io in the first place. I’m talking
    > about _/parity/_. I’m not asking for some crazy animation – just a 1:1
    > with the official Qt documentation that’s published online.

    Sorry, but now I have to play devil's advocate:

    Does that parity include things like Google search integration, or the
    current ads like "The Qt Company is hiring", not  and so on? The moment
    you start customizing things

    >   * We can’t display a real code blocks in Creator – you don’t get that
    >     black box with syntax highlighted code snippets in Creator. When you
    >     document this, you use \code, \endcode, or \badcode in qdoc. None of
    >     this is actually being displayed as expected in Creator.

    Is this a limitation of QTextBrowser or is the style applied for the
    docs there stripping out code highlighting? I know for a fact that
    <font> works in QTextBrowser.

    > If source code was not behaving as expected when compiled, you’d
    > consider it a bug right? So why is this different because it’s
    > documentation? Because it’s less important?
    >   * We can’t display a proper table with the borders in Creator – try it
    >     out, search for QObject, look at the API reference, there’s actually
    >     no table there. Just some indentation with white background. Now
    >     compare it to this: https://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qobject.html

    Are you referring to the 1px table wrapping the list of members, etc.?

    Saying that we want to move to a full blown browser for that makes me
    think that this is a case of Qt not eating its own dogfood. Is it
    impossible to fix QTextDocument to support them properly?

    > You say:
    > “Nowadays help/doc search activities is much more than just open offline
    > page with descriptions of classes and methods with examples.”
    > Exactly. I’d like to have more than this – but we don’t even have basic
    > HTML. Remember, a table doesn’t render at all. It’s not possible with
    > regular Creator docs. It’s possible to have better documentation, but we
    > need something more than just QTextBrowser.

    "A table does not render at all" is a lie.

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