[Development] Assistant WebKit/WebEngine support

Konrad Rosenbaum konrad at silmor.de
Tue Jun 25 21:30:00 CEST 2019


...my 2 cents or so...

On 6/25/19 4:30 PM, Palaraja, Kavindra wrote:
> No, parity isn't Google's search box. There's already a search feature in Creator.
> No, not "The Qt Company is hiring" either.
> The idea is to have parity in the sense of 1:1 appearance of how the documentation looks like.

Pardon my lingo, but I do not give a rats furry behind about how it
looks and whether it is on full parity with the way it is shown in a
browser as long as I have all the content.

It is documentation for developers for crying out loud! Its purpose is
not to win any design prices, but to educate the developers.

> Here's a ticket that hasn't gone very far:
> https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTCREATORBUG-15887
> Can we keep the personal attacks out of this and perhaps stick to the issue? I'm definitely not lying. I don't see any tables being rendered the way tables should be rendered in HTML. Unless I'm losing my eyesight?

Sorry, but I just tried a very simple example with QTextBrowser:

In my book this is exactly like a table should be rendered. Granted it
is not very flashy looking, but it is definitely a table and it has borders.


#include <QApplication>
#include <QTextBrowser>

int main(int ac,char**av)
  QApplication a(ac,av);
  QTextBrowser tb;
  tb.setHtml("<html><table frame='1'
  return a.exec();

(embedding <style> does not change anything, but I do not mind that much)

I suggest there is a fundamental disconnect between what you mean by
"how tables should be rendered" and what many of us old-school
command-line-wielding guys mean by the same phrase.

> You could check: https://doc.qt.io/QtApplicationManager/manifest.html none of that alternating row color or design shows up. As a Technical Writer, I expect the output to look like that. So why doesn't it? I'm not attached to WebEngine, I just want to get the expected output.

As a developer I expect it to frigging be there, no matter the look.
That's it.

Don't get me wrong: I'd love a somewhat better styling in QTextBrowser.
But I definitely do not want it to cost me over a hundred megabytes of
memory, 20 different Javascript engines (I don't even want a single
one!), a renderer for every obscure image format, flashing and jumping
graphics elements or a full multimedia player inside a simple text
browser! Especially if this text is some simple class description or a
tutorial that shows me what the options of a dialog are.


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