[Development] Assistant WebKit/WebEngine support

André Pönitz apoenitz at t-online.de
Tue Jun 25 22:53:50 CEST 2019

On Tue, Jun 25, 2019 at 07:59:16PM +0000, Tor Arne Vestbø wrote:
> > On 25 Jun 2019, at 21:30, Konrad Rosenbaum <konrad at silmor.de> wrote:
> > 
> > Pardon my lingo,
> You should be able to communicate your points without that kind of lingo. Try
> better.
> > It is documentation for developers for crying out loud! Its purpose is not to
> > win any design prices, but to educate the developers.
> Please stop putting up straw-men, it’s not helping this discussion at all.

I find it actually quite helpful and to the point.
> > As a developer I expect it to frigging be there, no matter the look. That's
> > it.
> As a developer I expect documenation on par with other projects we like to
> compare ourselves with, both in terms of features/usability and visual
> asthetics. 

So we have different kinds of developers, and that's fine and expected.

Also, different people have different ideas on what is usable, or
aethetic. E.g. the animations build into doc.qt.io are quite the opposite
of what I consider usable or even aesthetic. Already the idea to have
animated help in Creator makes me cringe.

The discussed idea to make the WebEngine dependency mandatory would
effectively mean that some people will not be able to use the help plugin
at all anymore, and for me personally that I will stop building and
consequently occasionally using ("testing") it. That's definitely an
disadvantage for me, which I dislike.

Creator so far tried to be usable for a large audience, and even if clearly
not perfect I think we are on track there. The problem is there's no
obvious "one size fits all", especially when it comes to aestetics.  The
current state of the code base allows in principle "full webbrowser for
beefy machines" usecase as well as getting most of the functionality in
restricted setups, and I find it somewhat strange that a party that
ships a custom Creator built anyway pushes so hard on a solution that
is harmful for some instead of simply building their help plugin in
their favourite configuration.


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