[Development] Assistant WebKit/WebEngine support

Richard Weickelt richard at weickelt.de
Thu Jun 27 06:57:08 CEST 2019

> Qt used to make a point on having superior documentation to most other
> frameworks, and it was (and still is) one of the reasons for its success.
> Whatever we can do to help make the documentation better is something I
> think we should do.

Is it well known, how many QtCreator users are even using the integrated
help functionality? How many Qt users are using QtAssistant and how many
prefer the online documentation?

I stopped using the integrated help and QtAssisant at some point and now I
am exclusively using the online documentation in my regular browser. I can't
give an exact reason, but I can see a correlation of multiple things:

1) Fast internet access became available everywhere I worked and there
   was no noticable delay anymore in page loading.
2) I am reading so much in the browser anyway that I feel more
   comfortable also reading the Qt docs in it.
3) I am using my browser anyway while working with Qt because
   I often search in the mailing list, forum, other docs, etc.
4) Using a regular search engine leads to good-enough search results
   and is very fast
5) There was the point where Qt's online docs started to look better.
   Cripser fonts, more whitespace, better code highlighting.

I guess no matter how hard you try and how much effort you put into it, I'll
probably never use QtCreator's integrated help again. I'd rather appreciate
QtCreator to be slim and fast, both when using and building it. I think the
time, energy should rather be spend in improving the documentation as a
whole. I'd like to see more video tutorials about QtCreator best practices,
for instance.

And yes, I (and a lot of users) would appreciate if qdoc would output
exactly the same nice html design as doc.qt.io. The current output is so
ugly (Doxygen is even worse) that I even prefer to write API documentation
directly in rST/Sphinx.

Best regards

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