[Development] Assistant WebKit/WebEngine support

Bastiaan Veelo Bastiaan at Veelo.net
Thu Jun 27 11:25:34 CEST 2019

On 27/06/2019 06:57, Richard Weickelt wrote:
>> Qt used to make a point on having superior documentation to most other
>> frameworks, and it was (and still is) one of the reasons for its success.
>> Whatever we can do to help make the documentation better is something I
>> think we should do.
> I stopped using the integrated help and QtAssisant at some point and now I
> am exclusively using the online documentation in my regular browser. I can't
> give an exact reason, but I can see a correlation of multiple things:
> 5) There was the point where Qt's online docs started to look better.
>     Cripser fonts, more whitespace, better code highlighting.
> I guess no matter how hard you try and how much effort you put into it, I'll
> probably never use QtCreator's integrated help again.

You just listed one of the deficiencies of QTextBrowser as a reason to 
not use Qt for browsing its documentation. That's like saying it's bad, 
so there is no point in making it good.


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