[Development] Gerrit Upgrade

Jukka Jokiniva Jukka.Jokiniva at qt.io
Tue May 7 11:11:55 CEST 2019

The new Gerrit version will use Polymer-based UI, the "old style UI" will be disabled.

If someone want to see the new UI in action, the Gerrit code is reviewed in Gerrit: https://gerrit-review.googlesource.com/
Just a note that the site is using the very latest 3.0 RC, and we will be using 2.16.7, but the UI is pretty much the same.


´╗┐On 06/05/2019, 22.54, "Development on behalf of Konstantin Tokarev" <development-bounces at qt-project.org on behalf of annulen at yandex.ru> wrote:

    Are we planning to use Polymer-based UI, as currently used by Chromium and Android,
    or the "old" one (which is probably still a default)? I believe "old" one has a horrible UX,
    while Polymer one is a bit nicer. Also, Polymer's patch viewer plays nicely with X selection
    buffer, while "old" does not.
    06.05.2019, 15:18, "Frederik Gladhorn" <frederik.gladhorn at qt.io>:
    > Hello,
    > We've been working on the Gerrit Upgrade for a while now and we are finally
    > getting ready to deploy the new goodness.

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