[Development] Requesting a module for Qt Quick Timeline Implementation

Thomas Hartmann Thomas.Hartmann at qt.io
Mon May 13 14:08:05 CEST 2019

Hi Frederik,

Yes, the module was already created.

So the patch in qt/qt5 is 5.14 should be the only thing missing.
Yes, I think it is an addon.

Best Regards,

Thomas Hartmann

From: Frederik Gladhorn
Sent: Monday, May 13, 2019 1:03:53 PM
To: development at qt-project.org
Cc: Thomas Hartmann
Subject: Re: [Development] Requesting a module for Qt Quick Timeline Implementation

Hi Thomas,

Since the module exists, it's a bit unclear to me what you request (creating
the module would what I'd expect).
The next step would be to ask for inclusion in the releases and making a patch
to qt/qt5 to enable us shipping the module by default.

Then there's the question which state the module would be in, I guess it's
"addon" or so.


On torsdag 9. mai 2019 10:21:55 CEST Thomas Hartmann wrote:
> Hi,
> I would like to request for a new module:
> Name of the repository: qt/qtquicktimeline.git
> Description: Module for keyframe-based timeline construction.
> Responsible person: Thomas Hartmann
> Gerrit user/email: thomas.hartmann at qt.io
> The module is already on gerrit and is in a mature state by now.
> The timeline module is used by Qt Design Studio and Qt Quick Designer
> but there are use cases independent from tooling.
> One use case is defining 'animations' not in time, but depending on an
> expression. This way it is very easy to create complex progress bars or
> gauges.
> Best Regards,
> Thomas Hartmann

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