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> Qt is a C++ library. If you don't like C++, either stay in QML or use
> Java. No-one uses C++ unless they need the extra performance.

I may or may not like where C++ is going, but that's really beside the
point. I don't, and I believe sensibly, optimize every single line in what
I write. I don't shy away from doing it where it matters, but certainly I
appreciate convenience where it hardly matters. Primarily I work without UI
so I don't see why QML or Java would be at all relevant.

> It is not Qt's job to change the decisions made by the C++ standards
> committee.

I never said it's the case. Are we talking about their decisions or the Qt

> If you want to change the STL, submit a paper to WG21, not
> rant on a Qt mailing-list.

There was no rant. Just how I saw the case from the user side, granted
written with some bitterness. Not everything that doesn't profess the STL
as the greatest thing since the sliced bread can or should automatically be
classified as a rant. I had written 3 more paragraphs in that particular
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