[Development] Proposal: Using Gerrit for new approver proposals?

Jesus Fernandez jesus.fernandez at qt.io
Mon May 20 10:59:31 CEST 2019


We could have a document (maybe the README) with the list of current approvers/maintainers and submit a change request adding a new approver.

And, after testing the new Gerrit, I would love to use Gerrit more for decision making. The conversation workflow in Gerrit improved a lot in the new version. In the other hand, emails are far from optimal to discuss stuff.

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As someone who's following this list but not working at the Qt Company, I find
the stream of "+1" emails when there's a new proposal for approval rights for
someone a bit noisy :)

What about using Gerrit to do so? I'm not sure how the repository would look
(probably just text files with the proposal text)? Then people could +1 that
change instead.

Just my $0.02 - it's not like I'd unsubscribe over this :)


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