[Development] Qt XML and Qt Xml Patterns

Bernhard Lindner private at bernhard-lindner.de
Tue May 21 17:55:34 CEST 2019

> > Unlucky me. Deprecation of these two components literally broke every
> > application I have ever written using Qt. I hope they will have new
> > maintainers some day.
> Note I said QtXml is deprecated, but it might actually be in Done state. I 
> don't remember. Does anyone? Where's our authoritative source?
> The difference between Done and Deprecated is whether we're telling you to 
> start porting code away.

Heck, yes, that would be a big difference.

Documentation says about Qt Xml "not actively maintained anymore"… whatever that means.

I heared about "deprecated" and, well, not deprecated. I had no idea there is such a state
like "Done". 

I could live with "Done". But a "deprecated" component makes me lamenting when I relied on

Is there some document describing the states and their meaning? Is there a component/state
table where we could lookup the specific states?

Best Regards, 
Bernhard Lindner
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