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True. I am just trying to provide alternative view. I am perhaps
overexaggerating a bit, but I still think this is something that needs to
be considered.
And yeah, QList=QArrayList should definitely be a default setting

On Wed, May 22, 2019 at 9:00 PM Giuseppe D'Angelo <giuseppe.dangelo at kdab.com>

> Il 22/05/19 19:29, NIkolai Marchenko ha scritto:
> > I do not see how this addresses the issue. You are pushing the decision
> > to use the compile switch or not on the same userbase who couldn't be
> > bothered to port away from qlist in the first place.
> > You are essenitally asking: "Are you sure you aren't using qlist in
> > specific ways?"
> > And the likely answer in the end will be "Eh, oooops ... hehehe"
> >
> > People will use the "faster" non compatible compilation switch and
> > *will* break their code. It won't be Qt's fault but it *will* be
> > perceived as such.
> This is highly debatable. Sure, there's lots of cargo cult mentality in
> the software industry, and this could be used to shift the blame on Qt.
> On the other hand there's only so much we can do in terms of warning
> users about the consequences of flipping the switch in their _pre
> existing_ code base.
> (Switch that I'd like to keep in the QList=QArrayList by default.)
> My 2 c,
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