[Development] Porting QT to new OS

Lorn Potter lorn.potter at gmail.com
Thu Nov 7 07:37:37 CET 2019

On 7/11/19 3:42 PM, Thiago Macieira wrote:
> On Wednesday, 6 November 2019 20:41:10 PST martin ribelotta wrote:
>> This question is in the air time to time but the information is very
>> disperse and not so convincent for me.
>> Actually in my understand, Qt need:
>> 1) POSIX compliant base (pthreads? mmap? fork?)
>> I can disable parts individually or need some kind of #ifdef sparse by the
>> code? I see some kind of preprocessor magic scattered in the code like
>> this:
>> https://github.com/qt/qtbase/blob/4b0af2cdbf61572b22ea6b8aa17fc9f52c71ac4b/
>> src/corelib/thread/qthread.cpp#L174
> Yes, POSIX compliant base including pthreads and filesystem API. What the
> filesystem API accesses is irrelevant, it just has to exist. Threading support
> is mandatory in Qt, even though there are #ifndef QT_NO_THREAD around. Those
> aren't tested and aren't guaranteed to even compile. You can try that at
> first, but I recommend aiming for full threading.

Actually, QtWebAssembly platform is a supported platform and default is 
nothread. :) What is not tested is nothread on a different platform like 

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