[Development] Porting QT to new OS

Ulf Hermann ulf.hermann at qt.io
Thu Nov 7 10:28:54 CET 2019

>> Yes, POSIX compliant base including pthreads and filesystem API. What the
>> filesystem API accesses is irrelevant, it just has to exist. Threading 
>> support
>> is mandatory in Qt, even though there are #ifndef QT_NO_THREAD around. 
>> Those
>> aren't tested and aren't guaranteed to even compile. You can try that at
>> first, but I recommend aiming for full threading.
> Actually, QtWebAssembly platform is a supported platform and default is 
> nothread. :) What is not tested is nothread on a different platform like 
> desktop.

And QT_NO_THREAD is wrong. There is a feature for this:

#if QT_CONFIG(thread)


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