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Giuseppe D'Angelo giuseppe.dangelo at kdab.com
Fri Nov 22 20:01:30 CET 2019

Il 22/11/19 18:49, Thiago Macieira ha scritto:
> We decided not to add q6sizetype. Just add a "### Qt6: qsizetype" comment
> where you can't use qsizetype in Qt 6. We'll deal with conflicts.

Sorry, what do you mean by "conflicts"? I mean that there's countless 
code today that uses "int s = foo.size()" (or indexOf, or similar); such 
code will now trigger narrowing warnings.

> There's always QVector<T>::size_type, QByteArray::size_type and
> QString::size_type if you really need to be explicit and that's fine today.

The chance that non-generic code uses this is practically 0 and we know 
it. Yes, "auto" will work, but still has anyone actually did the 
exercise on a big codebase (Creator, KDE, ...) and checked how many 
warnings are we talking about?

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