[Development] Issues with QFormBuilder - All properties modified & Invalid UI

Giuseppe D'Angelo giuseppe.dangelo at kdab.com
Tue Oct 29 12:56:08 CET 2019

On 29/10/2019 12:29, Jaroslaw Kobus wrote:
>  > Sorry, I'm lost now. If you store them both and apply them in either
>> order, shouldn't the result be correct no matter what?
> That doesn't matter in fact. If you change orientation first, then 
> sizePolicy, you get the state
> which can't be reliably stored / read, unless you explicitly know that 
> there is
> hidden dependency (if you know, you may influence the order or storing / 
> reading,
> but still it's not orthogonal).

I agree on the possibility, but this is still a bug in those classes or 
a missing feature: one needs to know that a property has not been set 
manually by the user to avoid overwriting it, or, well, to avoid 
serializing it in the first place.

Given this is not being done consistently across Qt and/or the meta 
object system lacks these informations, this is all pointing towards 
deprecating QFormBuilder as a "real" utility and being more like some 
just quick-glue code lacking a robust use case.

My 2 c,
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