[Development] INTEGRITY

Mutz, Marc marc at kdab.com
Wed Sep 18 12:29:39 CEST 2019


Can someone expand on the plan forward for the supported INTEGRITY 

Lars is talking about using C++17 for Qt 6, yet the INTEGRITY version in 
the CI for Qt 5.14 doesn't even support C++_11_. It's a constant pain 
for anything constexpr-related, and now it turns out that while it 
happily compiles std::condition_variable, it fails with a linker error 
later. An error not detected in the CI until qt5 integration time.

Qt 5.14 is the eighth release of Qt to require C++11. How did we get 
into a situation where there's one platform that doesn't even support 
basic C++11? Why wasn't it dropped when MSVC 2013 was?

There's no maintainer listed for the platform in the Wiki (can we get 
that fixed, please?), yet Ville tells me this is a 'gold platform' for 
Qt releases.

Can someone, please, square me how how Qt 6 should be based on C++17 if 
current INTEGRITY doesn't even support C++11?

And can we please have a Qtbase CI that _actually_ tests INTEGRITY?


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