[Development] Updated high-DPI support for Qt 5.14

Nils Jeisecke nils.jeisecke at saltation.com
Thu Sep 26 08:29:45 CEST 2019


Am 25.09.2019 um 12:33 hat Matthew Woehlke geschrieben:
>As a user, I don't want to have to know/measure/compute the DPI of my
>display device. I just want to make "stuff" bigger or smaller.

Exactly! As a (Windows) *user* I want Qt based applications (which a
user is probably not aware of because he doesn't care about toolkits) to
behave like any other application on my computer. So when Firefox,
Chrome, Word, Explorer etc. look good with that 125%, 150% or 175%
setting in the display preferences, I expect any other application to do
so as well.

And when I move a window from a low DPI screen to a high DPI screen it
has to be adjusted accordingly.

With the work done in 5.14 (PassThrough) it is the first time that
we seem to catch up with other toolkits in this regard. I hope this
will finally be mature enough to replace all the nasty workarounds we
have to apply today to make user experience somewhat acceptable on
non-100% scaling screens.

I actually consider this to be the most important feature of 5.14.

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