[Development] ChangeLog script will need adaptation to cherry-pick model

Kai Köhne Kai.Koehne at qt.io
Tue Aug 11 13:31:42 CEST 2020

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> Jani Heikkinen (11 August 2020 07:09)
> > if the correct behavior is the first one then the script doesn't need any
> change?
> That sounds plausible for everything after the first release of each branch, but
> less convincing for the .0 release: when Qt 6.0 is released, surely we don't
> want to repeat all the change log notes from 5.15.0 to 5.15.x (whatever our
> last release before 6.0 may be) in the 6.0 release notes (especially as many of
> those are deprecations of things removed in 6.0). 

IMO 6.0 is a rather special case in this regard, that anyhow will need quite some editorial work.

> Likewise, when 6.1 is
> released, we don't want to repeat the release notes after 6.0.0 up to
> whichever 6.0.x is current when 6.1.0 comes out.  Or, at the very least, we
> probably only want the edited highlights,

From the users point of view listening all changes from 6.0.0 onwards in 6.1.0 is IMO easier to grasp and work with than following some 'all changes in 6.1.x' hint. It indeed means we have some text repetition, but does that cause any harm? 

The only downside is that editorial changes will need to be done twice, but well ... 



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